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The Seven Seas EP

Release Date: July 8, 2005

Seven Seas EP Cover Art

Darth Vato CD: Seven Seas
On Sat, June 10, we played at Headhunters in Austin, TX. On Sunday we drove straight to the recording studio. Seven Seas was recorded at Artisan Recording Studio in Farmer's Branch, TX. We went there to get a new sound. Jordan Richardson manned the ProTools board, and Carter Albrecht played the guitar solo on War on the West Side. It seems that Darth Vato is in the business of farming out guitar solo tracks. Carter is amazing, and he is also a Jedi. He came in to the studio never having heard that song, and two hours later, we had a harmonized guitar solo that fit right in with the song. We spent Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday recording those 4 songs, and then we mixed on Thursday. On Friday, we went back to Crystal Clear Sound in Dallas to have Nolan Brett master the mix. Then we left for San Marcos for a show at Lucy's. It was an extremely busy week. The sound on Seven Seas was so much more aggressive than anything we had ever recorded. I don't think that any of us imagined those 4 songs sounding so good. Our CD Release Party was at the Moon bar in Fort Worth on July 8, 2005 with our friends Can't Hang from Baltimore. Can't Hang put on a great show, and they really won over our crowd. A shout out to my parents: My mom, Joyce, and my stepdad, David, worked the merch table during our set. It was classic parental support. I think that they even refrained from stealing money from the merch cash bag. They are so honest.

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