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The Aloha Chingaso EP

Release Date: May 24, 2003

Aloha Chingsaso EP Cover Art

Darth Vato EP: Aloha Chingaso
I remember walking into First Street Audio with no idea what to expect. Jordan was still learning the Mackie system, so Bart was there to help out for part of the session. With no previous knowledge of recording studios or the recording process, I was overly surprised when Jordan and Eric spent over 4 hours setting up the drums. Looking back, I'm amazed that we did not layer those tracks. Eric got the main room, and Steve got the other room. I ended up recording my parts in the storage closet. Let me tell you: Fitting me, my pedal board, and my Roland Jazz Chorus 120 in that closet was no easy feat. Nevertheless, we recorded So Jah Seh Love, Up Your Body, and Smilin' Today during those two days, and I recorded Second-Guessed Memory at my Stonegate apartment. I used Fruity Loops 3 to create the drum loop Acid Pro 4.0 to record the tracks. I'm still impressed with the sound quality I got from a home computer. We had our Aloha Chingaso Release Party on May 23, 2004 at Scooners in Fort Worth. Our initial printing of 100 cd's sold out in less than 2 months, so we had a Re-Release Party on Sat, August 9, 2003 at the Aardvark. We ended up printing another 100 copies and selling them in 2005. In total, there are 300 copies of the Aloha Chingaso EP floating around. The last 100 copies are distinguished by the blue cover art on the back of the cd tray and the black cd with the white Darth Vato logo. Get one of these before you see them on eBay for like $5.

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