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Darth Vato : Jeremy Hull Shrine

Welcome to the Jeremy Hull Shrine. Please pay your respects with foldin' money.

Jeremy With Long Hair...Priceless.
Just look at what the critics have to say:
"What Would Jesus Do?  Play a 6-string bass." - Bass Player
"If this guy isn't Jesus, then I don't know who is."- Fort Worth Weekly
"Jeremy Hull plays Modulus!  What do you play?" - Guitar Center advertisement
"How many great bands can one guy possibly be in?" - Rolling Stone
"Did you see this month's Playboy?  Man, it's killer.  Oh yeah, Jeremy is killer, too." - E Dogg
"Being roommates is pretty cool.  One time I caught him, you know, uh, 'playing his bass'". - Chris H.

Jeremy Hull is so bad ass!

Did Jeremy make a deal with the devil?

He's so hot.

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